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Patch Bears  (Order No:  DC-1032)
(includes 2 sizes)
(4" x 4" hoop & 5" x 7" hoop)

Designs in this collection available in the following formats:
All collections/singles include a colorchart in .pdf format

Order Full Collection -- Price:   $25.99


(For more information on these totes, scroll to bottom of page)

Single designs will be sent as a zip file and includes all the formats listed above

2.00" x 3.56"  8660 st.
3.33" x 5.94"  16,671 st.
1032-01   Price:  $3.50

3.13" x 3.50"  11860 st.
4.36" x 4.87"  18,074 st.
1032-02   Price:  $3.50

3.00" x 3.61"   10,917 st.
4.17" x 5.00"   16,665 st.
1032-03   Price:  $3.50

2.70" x 3.55"  9473 st.
3.70" x 4.86  14,638 st.
1032-04   Price:  $3.50

8425 st. 2.10" x 3.63"  8425 st.
3.42" x 5.92  15,721 st.
1032-06   Price:  $3.50

9792 st. 2.81" x 3.42"  9792 st.
3.89" x 4.72  15,074 st.
1032-05   Price:  $3.50

3.78" x 3.06"  13,727 st.
5.67" x 4.60"  23,331 st.
1032-07   Price:  $3.50


 This tote bag was made by one of  my customers, Toni Scarbury from Nekoosa, WI.  Toni said:

"Well Carol, here is a picture of 3 totes I made. The bag is actually the Miranda Day Bag from
Lazy Girl Designs.   All I can say is your designs really make the bag look special.  I have never
been disappointed in anything purchased from you.  YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Toni"

Thanks, Toni! I appreciate it!

The bears on the front of the tote are from this collection.

The designs on the items in the bag are from (left to right):
Teddy Bears II: 
Just For Baby II:  http://DesignsSewFine.com/dc-1020.htm
Fritzie--The Mouse:  http://DesignsSewFine.com/dc-1016.htm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I received another nice email from another customer (Sharon Todd from California)
who loved the tote and said:

"Recently you showed a picture of a tote bag with two bears from your Patch Bears design on
the front.   I forgot to write down the name of the business where you can buy the pattern
for the tote bag.  Would   you be so kind to email that information to me.  My grand-daughter
loved the bag.  You can tell that much  love and time go into your designs.  I am in such
amazement as I sit there and watch the designs stitch  out and wonder how you did that."

Thanks, Sharon!

If you would also like that information, you can visit this site to see
Toni's blog entry:

The pattern Toni used is the Miranda Day Bag design # LGD123 which can be purchased here
(it's the first one shown): 


Designs Sew Fine has purchased exclusive digitizing
rights to the artwork in this package from:

Bibbens Country Home


Purchase of the designs is a license to use the designs and does not lend to duplication permission in any form.
Changing (except to resize), duplicating, reselling (including any auctions), loaning, sharing in any way, or any
transfer of the designs (including any of the free designs) is a violation of Title 17 U.S.C., et seq.
Designs Sew Fine allows only the purchaser to use the embroidered designs on items for resale.
No other permission is written or implied.

All images of any of the designs on any of my web pages are copyrighted by
Designs Sew Fine and may not be used for any purposes.

All designs in this package have been tested extensively.  Designs Sew Fine will not be held liable for
any damages or losses incurred as a result of using any of our designs.

Packages are non-refundable and can only be returned for identical collections.

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