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Happy Little Faces  (Order No:  DC-1037)

Designs in this collection available in the following formats:
All collections/singles include a colorchart in .pdf format

This collection includes both applique and filled-in designs.
The sizes are shown below the pictures.  The filled-in designs are
slightly smaller than the applique version.

Order Full Collection -- Price:   $25.99

Click on image to view a larger image
(and download the lettering) of this cute bib
made by Lyn from "A Design By Lyn"



3.24" x 3.04  3405 st.    2.23" x 2.08"  4391 st.
1037-01-A & 1037-01-F   Price:  $3.50

3.88" x 3.48  4741 st.    2.72" x 2.44"  5993 st.
1037-02-A & 1037-02-F   Price:  $3.50

3.13" x 3.00  2973 st.    2.09" x 2.06"  4116 st.
1037-03-A & 1037-03-F   Price:  $3.50

3.22" x 2.80  4187 st.    2.20" x 1.91"  4905 st.
1037-04-A & 1037-04-F   Price:  $3.50

3.06" x 2.61  3591 st.    2.09" x 1.78"  4267 st.
1037-05-A & 1037-05-F   Price:  $3.50

3.04" x 2.91  2966 st.    2.01" x 2.00"  3841 st.
1037-06-A & 1037-06-F   Price:  $3.50

3.86" x 3.05  5470 st.    2.70" x 2.13"  6323 st.
1037-07-A & 1037-07-F   Price:  $3.50

3.12" x 3.00  4335 st.    2.07" x 2.11"  4780 st.
1037-08-A & 1037-08-F   Price:  $3.50

Designs Sew Fine has purchased
exclusive digitizing rights to the artwork
in this package from:

Original Country Clipart by Lisa

Visits Lisa's site -- you'll love it!
lisaprimangelogo.gif (3688 bytes)

Purchase of the designs is a license to use the designs and does not lend to duplication permission in any form.
Changing (except to resize), duplicating, reselling (including any auctions), loaning, sharing in any way, or any
transfer of the designs (including any of the free designs) is a violation of Title 17 U.S.C., et seq.
Designs Sew Fine allows only the purchaser to use the embroidered designs on items for resale.
No other permission is written or implied.

All images of any of the designs on any of my web pages are copyrighted by
Designs Sew Fine and may not be used for any purposes.

All designs in this package have been tested extensively.  Designs Sew Fine will not be held liable for
any damages or losses incurred as a result of using any of our designs.

Packages are non-refundable and can only be returned for identical collections.

Designs Sew Fine respects your privacy.  Please be assured we do not use cookies, and we
also do not share any of your information -- except in cases of copyright infringement.

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