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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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Sherry from Canada made the two items above using designs from DC-1019 (Snow
Pals) and DC-1025 (Snow Bears).  Sherry sent these to me with an email that said:   "Here's pictures of the
sweatshirts I made for my mom and sister for Christmas ... I was really tickled how great your designs turned out
and my mom and sister loved them too!  I have to tell you, I'd been searching for a long time for just the right
design for these shirts and when I came across your website, I knew yours were just perfect for them...."
Thanks, Sherry -- they are darling!
Sue from California made the above 2 cute projects with designs from DC-1022
(G is for Gingerbread).  Sue said ".. These turned out beautiful and sew like a dream."        Thanks, Sue.
Patty made the 2 items shown above.  She used designs from DC-1007 (Just For Baby) and
DC-1025 (Snow Bears) for these 2 projects.  Patty said:  I just wanted to show a couple of the things I have used your
designs on.  They are the best I have ever downloaded.  Thanks again for all the great designs."      Thanks, Patty.
Sandy made the placemats and
napkins on the left using designs from DC-1022 (G is for
Gingerbread.   Sandy said:  "Here is a picture of the items I
made with your gingerbread collection.  Normally when I make
placemats and napkins I use the same design on all the placemats
and another design on the napkins.  These were all so cute that
I made everyone different.  The tissue box cover has four
different designs as well.  I can't wait to see my friend's face
when she gets this gift.  Thank you for the quality of the
designs."     Thank you, Sandy!
Kathy from Minnesota made this cute blanket using
designs from DC-1019 (Snow Pals).  I was lucky
enough to see this one "in person."

Thanks, Kathy!
Jeanette made the above items using designs from DC-1007 (Just For Baby).
Lynn made the item to the left  using a design from
DC-1021 (Fall/Winter 2002). 


These cute items were made by Sharon using  designs from DC-1007 (Just For Baby). 

This page was first added November 6, 2002
Designs Sew Fine
Carol R. Bauer, Owner